Dulce Gouveia (Mid)

A rude hand, without pudency in the posture of retirement, accentuates the debate between us and the canvas. Nevertheless it is her who answers in isolation to the forms to that point hidden from others and often from ourselves.
For the beginner, it's hard the path of learning, of labour, of love, of security, of certainties.
The important thing is that the artist speaks sincerely and enters a world that surrounds him with sensibility. Mid represents that sincerity and that simplicity. The discreet figures easily communicate with the observer. The never-ending search in each work to transpose or to add what was left behind, makes the work itself assume a constant and powerful search of someone who - thought only starting - is never afraid of the final result.
On the other hand, the use of colour is fearless, the colours are strong and whole – maybe are fruit of hidden memories of Africa. I believe that this first show will mark a fertile stage in the arts world and i sincerely hope that the hard path that all artists must take never diminishes what's in her soul.
(about Mid's art at Espaço2 Gallery)